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ReadyAPI 2.4 doesn't start

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ReadyAPI 2.4 doesn't start

I was about to update my version from 2.2 to 2.4, but my team member has upgraded from 2.3 to 2.4 and is just getting a blank screen.

Is there an issue with 2.4?

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Can you provide more info? What operating system did your friend use? What do you mean by blank screen? Does it open a empty window? Does it not open it at all? Does he try to open ReadyApi by using a shortcut? Does he try to open it using the executable file?


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Actually I have now found that the application froze when he tried to load a composite project previously created.  

He opened using a shortcut for 2.4 although he also tried from 2.3 after applying the update.

We are both using Windows 7 Enterprise (service Pack 1) , 64 bit operating system with 8.00 GB RAM

That is strange. I found some system requirements for ReadyApi as "Windows 7 SP1 with convenience rollup update (KB3125574) or a later Windows operating system (32- or 64-bit).".


Moreover, is that SoapUI project big? I often have problems with big projects - they open quite slowly. But never froze for me (I use windows 10 though)

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You can also check the ReadyAPI logs to see if it's throwing an error or any information that may be useful in troubleshooting. 


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Thanks all - the issue boiled down to what Lucian mentioned - simply our Windows 7 machines were not running the SP1 windows6.1-kb3125574-v4-x64


thanks for your time

Why am I always right? Smiley Mad

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