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Ready API with Bit-bucket Pipeline Setup


Ready API with Bit-bucket Pipeline Setup

HI Team I am facing some issue while doing the CICD-pipeline setup for Ready API project with bit bucket, Can some one guide me the best solution so that it will be helpful for me, I have done the setup for SOAP UI Projects in bitbucket but when i try to do the same for ReadyAPI projects its not working out. Since the Docket image is required license for execution but currently I don't have floating license with me. is there any options is there without license ? checked with readyapi support team they are suggesting to go with Test Engine options which is also required new purchase .so it will be very helpful if any other option are there I referred many l
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I believe that support team helps / suggest you the best option than any one because of their knowledge to not just the ReadyAPI product, but whole suite of products.

My piece of suggestion is check if it is possible to can convert fixed license to floating (if recent purchase of licence and if best option than buying second fixed license, of course if they allow). Or go with their suggestion, a test engine license.

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@nagoorkj  : The best solution to this issue is to converts your license to floating license

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Thank you for prompt responses Rao, Himanshu!

@nagoorkj please mark the reply that helped you as a solutionSmiley Happy

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