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Ready API versions


Ready API versions

I have my entire project developed and build via Ready API 1.9.0 version now if i have to install new versions of Ready API (for ex: 2.0, 2.1 etc) any settings need to be adhered / to be followed so that my entire project is suited and well formated to new versions.


Can you please assist on above mentioned problem.

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Whilst I can not answer your question with specifics, I am currently upgrading our Ready API install base from version 1.7 to 2.8, and perhaps can give a bit of advice on the overall process that we are following (Please note: We also strictly ensure that all Ready API users have exactly the same version):


  1. Stop using the older version of Ready API.
  2. Ensure all outstanding changes to Ready API projects are committed to our source control.
  3. Go through all of our Ready API projects, upgrading them to the new version making sure all the test still pass.
  4. Commit all changes from the upgrade to our source control.
  5. Start using new version of Ready API.

By doing this we are very clear in separating out the changes that are required for the upgrade from any other business as usual changes. Also it means that if there is any issues during the upgrade we can very easily roll back to the pre-upgrade state.



Thanks for reply!

But my question was , i have already developed and completed one of my project using Ready API 1.9.0 version. Now i have requirement to setup my project in one of client virtual machine. I was thinking to install latest Ready API version i.e. (2.8.2) in designated virtual machine but i have concern whether my project gets imported into new version of Ready API without any issues as it is developed under Ready API version 1.9.0. 


I have this question , because earlier i have faced an issue where in test case level run was not working properly , when i have imported my project (developed under v1.9.0) into Ready API v2.1.0. 


Also please let me know if any other settings needs to be adhered if we are migrating our project from one Ready API version to another version.



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I'm sorry I can't give you an exact answer, I'm just a user like yourself. As I understand it, a 1.9 project should be automatically upgraded and work in any later version (The reverse may not be true, once upgraded I would not attempt to open again in 1.9).


While this did not impact me as I do not use JSONPath, from viewing these forums some people were caught out when they updated the JSONPath library in version 2.3, you can get more info on this on the JSONPath Reference help page.


The area that I did have issues with that required me to modify my projects was my Groovy scripts. Over time the internal libraries in Ready API get updated, for example I got caught out when Ready API upgraded Log4J


I also had to make modifications when the test case success status string was changed from "OK" to "PASS" (Sorry can't remember which version).


Sorry I can't be more exact, I would recommend just trying your projects with the latest version. But make sure you have a back up of you project from version 1.9

Hello @Radford 


Thanks for your response and for your valuable time!


If any one else has ideas, please provide some assistance on my query.



Hello @ashkht,


Normally, a project created in an older version of ReadyAPI works in a newer version without any additional modifications, but as @Radford mentioned historically we had several changes in newer versions that in some cases might require a few manual changes in existing projects. 


The general process of migrating to a newer version is:

1. Create a backup copy of your project on a local drive if you do not use an SCC. If you use an SCC, I would follow the process described by @Radford in the first comment.

2. If you use any third-party libraries or JDBC drivers (<ReadyAPI>\bin\ext) or custom Groovy scripts (<ReadyAPI>\bin\scripts) in your tests, copy them to the corresponding folders of the new installation or to some custom locations. Make sure that the "Script library" and "Custom Java libraries" properties point to the correct locations. 

3. Check if your project works correctly in the new version. 


If you have any issues with running your project, do not hesitate to open a support ticket: While SmartBear will be working on it, you can continue using the old ReadyAPI and the copy of your original project.


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Hi @NBorovykh 


Thanks for your suggestions !  

Sure, will follow steps before migrating to newer version of Ready API.


In between, Can you please elaborate more about this point from your post -- 

"Make sure that the "Script library" and "Custom Java libraries" properties point to the correct locations. "



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