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5 years ago

Ready API versions

I have my entire project developed and build via Ready API 1.9.0 version now if i have to install new versions of Ready API (for ex: 2.0, 2.1 etc) any settings need to be adhered / to be followed so ...
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    5 years ago

    Hello ashkht,


    Normally, a project created in an older version of ReadyAPI works in a newer version without any additional modifications, but as Radford mentioned historically we had several changes in newer versions that in some cases might require a few manual changes in existing projects. 


    The general process of migrating to a newer version is:

    1. Create a backup copy of your project on a local drive if you do not use an SCC. If you use an SCC, I would follow the process described by Radford in the first comment.

    2. If you use any third-party libraries or JDBC drivers (<ReadyAPI>\bin\ext) or custom Groovy scripts (<ReadyAPI>\bin\scripts) in your tests, copy them to the corresponding folders of the new installation or to some custom locations. Make sure that the "Script library" and "Custom Java libraries" properties point to the correct locations. 

    3. Check if your project works correctly in the new version. 


    If you have any issues with running your project, do not hesitate to open a support ticket: While SmartBear will be working on it, you can continue using the old ReadyAPI and the copy of your original project.