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Ready API data driven testing

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Ready API data driven testing

Hi folks, I'm new to ReadyAPI and trying to automate Data Driven API testing with it. What is the best way to iterate through large data from json file? Data source test didn't accept json file and tried to use the same file as txt file, now struggling to iterate json formatted data from txt file. thanks in advance!

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Hi @zokirsalomov ,

JSON data source uses another test step to read the JSON. For REST request getting a JSON response it is pretty straightforward.


However, if we have a JSON in a file we have the following option:

  • use a File Wait test step to read the file
  • the JSON content will be available within fileContent property
  • make a JSON data source which takes File Wait as an input (see the TestCase bellow)




This could be the Data Source configuration:



I hope it helps.


Best regards,


Hey @zokirsalomov

KarelHusa has provided a good option, which i've used a number of times. I've also used many others depending on the technical and business requirements of the system i'm testing.

Have a look at the following and have a go at some of the tutorials....they will help guide you on how to go about setting things up.

Once you start, come back with any questions and we'll sort the answers out for you.

One tip....if you're thinking about using .xls/.xlsx as a datasource, you might want to use .csvs instead. They allow the same data manipulation, but without the problems that can arise from using .xls/.xlsx


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Solved my issue, thank you!

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