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Property transfer - concate request result with constant/property value

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Property transfer - concate request result with constant/property value

Hello Guys,

i made a rest-request which returns me an  url (orders_url) (see!/customers/getCustomersId )


  "firstname": "Joe",
  "lastname": "Newman",
  "orders_url": "/shop/customers/1/orders/"

Now i want to use orders_url  as endpoint in the next request to check the result. To do this i have to concate the base url (  with the orders_url to get the fully url (


is it possible to do that in property transfer or at least in any other way?


i thought i could just concate the result with the base url 


or  with a property expansion


but nothing worked. How ever it seems to be that properys that retrieved with the get-data-funtion will not work in property-transfer-dialog, even if the context menue allows me to pick that data using property expansion.


this is a picture what if have done





how could it be done ?


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your JSONPath does not work. You can use or a similar tool to check your JSONPath expression.


Additionally, you are trying to set the REST Request step endpoint with a baseUrl and the resource path joined together. Please note that the REST step uses two separate variables, Endpoint and Resource.


I would recommend:

  • using REST step and just set up it's parameters (here customerId)
  • using HTTP request step end building whole endpoint (if testing of the provided URL is the goal)

Best regards,

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