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Project.xml is not updated with the latest changes when test case is changed and saved using Ctrl+s

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Project.xml is not updated with the latest changes when test case is changed and saved using Ctrl+s

Scenario 1: (Working as expected)


1. Create a project in Ready API Pro

2. Save the project in local folder (it gets saved as a project.xml file)

3. Add test cases in the project and then save using ctrl + s 

 - The project gets saved and the project.xml file gets updated (this is working correctly)


Scenario 2: (Not working)

1. Add or push the project to a repository (I have checked in the code in git repository)

2. Now a local repository is created with all the folders

3. Project.xml is already present

4. Now after updating the test cases in SOAP and saving


- Project.xml is not getting updated. 


I want this project.xml file to get saved.


Can anyone please help me on this, it is quite urgent.



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Hi @rbgupta13,

Im not an expert bit i believe ReadAPI! is working correctly.

What version ReadyAPI! are you using? Is it a recent version..maybe 2.6 upwards?
Reason i ask is before i think about or 2.6 or 2.7 there wasnt any git integration, so if you wanted to version control your soapui project in a remote repo you would change the projects properties from flat project.xml file to the unflattened composite project via a switch on your projects properties.

However with the git integration being added to ReadyAPI!, the creation of the composite (unflattened) file and folder structure is dont get a choice...once you select git integration it creates the composite project by default.

So...with the above in mind, isnt it correct the flat project.xml file isnt getting updated because the changes are actually being persisted to the composite projects files and folders instead?



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Thanks @richie


I am using Ready API - 3.0 version. 


I understand that the project.xml file will not get updated once it has been integrated with git repos. 

This raises another question for the part I am working on which is related to the Azure Devops pipeline where I am trying to run the test cases from git repository and it uses the project.xml file to everytime run the test cases. 


As the file is not getting updated I have to export the project manually eveytime and the run the pipeline in Azure Devops. 


Is there any other option to setup the Azure Pipeline for this type of project.




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Hi @rbgupta13,


I see a situation like this. Once you added your ReadyAPI project to Azure and run it, the ReadyAPI project was converted to the composite one. Using a composite project is a requirement when you add a project to Git, Azure and other systems like this.


So, after this, ReadyAPI stopped working with the Project.xml file. Now, it works with a folder where it keeps all the information about the project. In Azure, you will need to change the command line to start running the project folder instead of project.xml. Please refer to the following topic to find examples:

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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