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Project file corrupted after internet connection loss

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Project file corrupted after internet connection loss

ReadyAPI 2.8.2

Build Date: 2019-08-27T17:04:01Z(3619)

Windows 10 on a Corporate built laptop

Corporate licensed software Installed using a floating license obtained from a local server, accessed over a VPN connection from my home office


Here are the steps that led to the corrupted data file:

1. Current open Project file and activity in progress

1.5 Loss of internet connection.

2. Alert pops up stating that there is no license file

3. I confirm the internet connection loss

4. Reconnect to the internet

5. Attempt to re-establish floating license from server, which failed.

6. Confirmed the internet connection loss.

7. Decide against re-establishing license from server

8. ReadyAPI announces that it will close and asks if I want to save my project files, and I choose Yes.

9. ReadyAPI closes.

10. Re-establish internet connection

11. Start ReadyAPI and re-establish floating license from server.

12. Open project file successfully and discover that I am unable to bring up any subfolders in the project.

13. Determine that the Project file is still the same size as before (1,750KB), but is unreadable.


There was no Blue Screen Of Death in Windows 10 and no hardware failure in the laptop. I consider this to be a bug in the ReadyAPI app, unless the license is part of some sort of special coding within the project file.  Feel free to disagree with me.  I did not have file backup enabled, but I do now.  


Your thoughts are appreciated.

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My project file did open successfully after a few retries, but all the test data is gone, so I assume that the test results database is hosed.  I am okay with that.

This can be considered resolved.

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