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Only 1 row exporting into Excel with my datasink

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Only 1 row exporting into Excel with my datasink

I have a load test running with multiple Test Cases each has a datasink.  The excel files are creating as the load test runs but only 1 row is exporting into the excel file when it creates instead of all 179-200 cases for each test case as the 1 min load test runs.  


How can I get more than 1 row to go into my excel file?  I really need a way to see each record that processes through my load test. 


I am running SoapUI NG and LoadUI NG in Ready API 1.8.0





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Usually when you run into issues with only the last line being written out with a DataSink, it has to do with the order of steps in your SoapUI Test Case.

Steps are executed sequentially top to bottom, so you'll want to make sure that your DataSink is placed inside your DataSource Loop so that the DataSink step executes before the loop does. Otherwise, the loop will cycle through each test case run and only write out the last result.


Ok Thank you for that information 🙂   Currently I have my groovy script for my auth header, DataSource, DataSink then my REST step and a DataSource Loop looping back to my DataSink.  Now, when i run the 1 min test it says the count is at 400 but i get 10 lines in my output file 



Also, for some reason the load test is only reading one of my Test Cases, not both. 


IE) I have one that is titled phone and one titled Fax.  It is only reading the Phone case for the 1 min that i am testing it and never drops to the Fax scenario.  I have added looping and changed the Load allocation and am not able to get it to recognize both of them.  I have 3 more scenarios I need to add to this particular load test but I am waiting until I get these 2 reading in properly. 



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