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Mock Service: mockRequest.requestContent is NULL (HTTP PUT)

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Mock Service: mockRequest.requestContent is NULL (HTTP PUT)

I am trying to get the content of HTTP PUT request (take text from request body) to compose dynamic response in REST Mock Service.
mockRequest.requestContent is always NULL if PUT method is used although request is sent with some text in request body and Content-Length is set with appropriate value in HTTP headers.
If HTTP action is changed to POST then mockRequest.requestContent is populated correctly.

Is it a bug or do I miss something?

HI @vikititor,


In the Dispatch script, a request content can be retrieved as follows:


In the latest ReadyAPI version it works for POST, PUT and the other supported HTTP methods.


Please check the screenshot:



Please double-check your configuration and if it still does not work for you as expected, submit a new support case:


Customer Care Team

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OK, OK.. on this place dispacher script this works... 

But before I will send the response, I need create it.. How to transform readed value from this script to the response script? 


Because I just tryed on response script, where this was really not working. 

This is my needs. 

* read request send to MOCK server, parse some values

* prepare response to AUT using this values

* solution must be thread save, because my AUT sends a lot of requests per seccond. I can not use properties..



Have you seen my reply here: ?
Does it help?


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