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5 years ago

An error occurred when verifying security for the message-with an https web service

Hi All,


Web Services newbie here. When I put my WSDL in SOAP test, it comes back with 2 port names (WSHttpBinding_HylandOutBoundContract and BasicHttpBinding_HylandOutBoundContract) and each one has the same api call of "Getdocumentdata".
When i double click on that there is parmater thart asks for documentID, when enter a test dicument ID, i get the error response of "An error occurred when verifying security for the message". Upon searching the forumn I have come to this post ( and was wondering if I have the same issue, but before I go to the admin of the web services server, how do I know for sure that my https web services that --in order to read the response--I need to ask the web service admin to genertate a Ketstore protocol (i.e. a SSL keystore and password file)? And only then I can read the WSDL, however if there is another way to be able to read the response (REST or SOAP), please do let me know.