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Maintain HTTP Session: Should pass cookies to following request

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Maintain HTTP Session: Should pass cookies to following request

Hi, I was reading this community forum for a long time about maintaining https session over several requests.

But I'm not able to run it sucessfully.


I'm on Ready!API 1.5.0  (SoapUI NG Pro) Build Date: 20151106-1037


All I want to do is

1.) Request A contains in its response 3 cookies (within the http header)

2.) I would like to have this 3 cookies transfered in Request B (also in the http header)


It's as simple, but it doesn't work.

I tried:  to pass the cookie around, go to the testcase options and turn on "maintain HTTP session".

Simply enable this option to true does not work

I also tried to use a property transfer, but how can I easily pass all cookies?

I don't want to write groovie code. I think such basic requirement should be handled by the tool itself.


Maybe someone has an idea?



Regards, Reto

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Hi Reto,


You should see your cookies in Get Data (right-click the mouse in the request editor and select Get Data from the context menu). Did you try it?

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Hi Tanya

Where exactly do you mean to use the "get Data" for the http header?


I have a REST request.

On the Request Window:

a) I can manually add headers on the "Headers" tab - but this is a dialog, no "get Data".

b) In the outline section, there is the request body, not the header, "get Data" would work there, but makes no sense because I would like to set http headers.



Regards, Reto

In your REST request, you should add those 3 header fields (you don't need to supply a value):



Then in the actual test step, double click the value field of each, right-click, then use 'Get Data' to get each header from the response of a previous request:


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Hi Justin

Thanks for that hint.

But it doesn't work in my case.


a) my first request contains in it's response:

Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=xxxxxxxxxxxx; Path=/yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy; Secure
Set-Cookie: WAF-XSRF-TOKEN=zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz; Path=/
Set-Cookie: XSRF-TOKEN=aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa; Path=/
Access-Control-Allow-Headers: origin, content-type, accept, X-XSRF-TOKEN


b) I have to transfer those cookies to the next request


Now I try with a groovy script

Actually I think it would work, but it douplicates all cookies in the header, each time I start the script ??


def header = testRunner.testCase.getTestStepByName("firstLoginCookie").httpRequest.response.responseHeaders["Set-Cookie"]
 header=header.toString()" Current XSRF-TOKEN header: " + header)
 start=header.indexOf(" XSRF-TOKEN=")" Current XSRF-TOKEN start: " + start+1)

 end=header.indexOf("; Path=/]")" Current XSRF-TOKENend: " + end)

 testCaseProperty= header.substring(start+1,end)
 vXsrf=testCaseProperty"Current xsrf: " + vXsrf) 

////////////////" Current WAF-XSRF-TOKEN header: " + header)
 start=header.indexOf(" WAF-XSRF-TOKEN=")" Current WAF-XSRF-TOKEN start: " + start+1)

 end=header.indexOf("; Path=/, ")" Current WAF-XSRF-TOKEN end: " + end)

 testCaseProperty= header.substring(start+1,end)
 vWafXsrf=testCaseProperty"Current wafxsrf: " + vWafXsrf) 

////////////////" Current JSESSIONID header: " + header)
 start=header.indexOf("JSESSIONID=")" Current JSESSIONID start: " + start)

 end=header.indexOf("; Path=/com.avaloq")" Current JSESSIONID end: " + end)

 testCaseProperty= header.substring(start,end)
 vJsessionId=testCaseProperty"Current vJsessionId: " + vJsessionId) 

// Iterate through all test steps and add the session cookie to the headers.
for ( tstep in context.testCase.testSteps ) {
 testStepName = ( tstep.key )"Current testStepName: " + testStepName);

 if ( testStepName != 'firstLoginCookie' && testStepName != 'SetXSRFheadersForAll') {"Cookie set for " + testStepName)
 def headers=testRunner.testCase.testSteps[testStepName].testRequest.requestHeaders 
 headers.put('Cookie', vXsrf) 
 headers.put('Cookie', vWafXsrf)
 headers.put('Cookie', vJsessionId +'; Path=/; Secure')




Regards, Reto


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Happened to write it some time ago for a forum request. Could not get that thread, but here is the script that you can try.


Also, do you have 'Maintain HTTP session' enabled for your test case? I believe that will handle passing your session amongst the test steps.


Nevermind, I see you've already done that

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Thanks to all of you

Adding all this informations together, I could solve my problem.

Now I use  the groovy script to extract the cookie values and a project property to write it into.

In the following request I just need to read out this project property in the header values XSRF-TOKEN=${#Project#XSRF-TOKEN_PROPERTY}



Regards, Reto

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What if I have two Set-cookie parameters in the header? Could you please tell me how should I get second one?

Here is a picture what I have:

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