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Looping thorugh a data source in SoapUI

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Looping thorugh a data source in SoapUI

I am using SoapUI pro and I have a test case with multiple test steps. I have an excel sheet with 70 rows which is used as the data source. My scenario is that, the values in each row should be assigned to both test steps. Eg: test step 1 and test step 2 should retreive the value from row 1 for 1 iteration . The problem I am facing is that after the first loop only test step 1 is able to take the row 2 value test step runs on the row 1 value only. I configured the data source loop with target step as first test step. Is there a work around for this problem? 


Or is it possible to transfer the data source value to properties step.




Thank you for reaching out.


Your target test step and the finishing test step must be in between the data source and the data source loop test step. Just drag and drop the steps applicable.


Thank you





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