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Is there a way to execute API call if a test suite passed?


Is there a way to execute API call if a test suite passed?

Our tool we use to record our use-cases has an API service. I would like to send an API call and set the use-case to pass if all the related tests have passed.

Is there a way (or sample groovy) to execute an API call only if a set of tests (full suite, or a few suites) have passed?

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Hi Smadji,



From my understanding, you can add an Assertion that will check the information you need to have in your responses. Please read the following article for more information:

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

Hi Tanya

Thanks for your reply. I have 100s of tests already and use a variety of assertions. I am looking into taking my tests to the next step and having them automatically log their success skipping the human verification.

Lets say my tests have 2 kind of searches, search by name and search by location. I created one suite that tests all the search by name scenarios and created another suite that tests search by location scenarios. 

Now when I run my tests if all the tests that search by name passed and all the tests that search by location passed - at this point I would manually go and set the 'search' use-case to pass on a separate tool. That tool has an API service. I would like my test to look at all the results - if they all pass for those 2 suites - to send a signal to the use-case software to set that use-case to pass.


I know there is an option to make a hard stop to the test if anything fails, and if I set my test to such a scenario I can add a step at the end to signal the use-case-software to pass(since the test will only get there if all the steps passed). However, I don't want to go that route. Because if anything does fail - it will require more manual intervention (which is what I am trying to cut)


So I am trying to find out if there is a way to determine using groovy or another tool on readyAPI if a suite had passed completely - if it did - send the signal, else - dont send (or send fail).

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