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Is it possible to run more than one instance of LoadUI Agents on one Computer?

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Is it possible to run more than one instance of LoadUI Agents on one Computer?

I have a computer dedicated only to run an Agent so we can run our tests on that agent, the problem is that we are a team with more than one LoadUI License, and when we run tests at the same time sending the Load though the Agent, all the controllers send to the same agent and it does not work, it is only available to run one load at the time. My question is if it's possible to run more than one Agent on the same computer, changing the ports maybe so we can send from each controller to a different agent on the same computer




Yes, you can run several instances of LoadUI's agent listening to different ports and running on the same physical machine. But you can face some troubles in case you'll try to execute the same project from different controllers. Possible issues depend on the project complexity (used data sources, etc.). So in general we don't recommend to use such a scenario.


Now I can suggest the following:


1. If you plan to run different projects from your controllers you can try agents listening to different ports (please don't forget to specify the correct port on the controller side)

2. The more safe way is to have some virtual machines on your dedicated server and an agent on each of that VMs. Of course, that VMs must be included in your network. In this case you can access the agents by VMs' IP addresses and use the default port 1991 for all of them. It is a preferable scenario but I amn't sure it is suitable for you


If you have any other questions please let me know.


Best regards,

Alexander Sviridov

LoadUI NG Developer

Thank you, I have tried with more than one instance of the agent on the same machine, but one of the problems is the Memory so thanks for your answer.

Please note that you can set the RAM usage limit using the -Xmx VM option in agent's VM options file or inside the BAT or SH file if you use it to run agents.


See "Configuring the Agent After the Installation" ( if you need more details.

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