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Is it possible to remove Content-Type in a POST request.


Is it possible to remove Content-Type in a POST request.

Hello Community.


I'm trying to test a REST endpoint where we have a rule that the header "Content-Type" is not mandatory. So I'm setting up some tests for this case, but I can't remove the "Content-Type" header for a POST request.

How do you send a POST request without the header "Content-Type"? (is it even possible to remove)

Thanks in advance. 

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Hey @thisIsTrue 


Yep you can do this - the easy way is to blank out the MediaType dropdown on your request.


The MediaType combo box (combo box = editable dropdown) on your request config is what defines the Content-Type header on your request.  If you have a POST with a json payload, then your MediaType combo box is likely set as 'application/json' (although it could be other values).


If you just delete the value from the MediaType combo box and resubmit your POST, you'll see the Content-Type header is no longer present in the request





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