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Is it possible to connect VMs from readyAPI?


Is it possible to connect VMs from readyAPI?

 Hi Team. I got a usecase that I want to test, I'm not sure that is achievable in ReadyAPI. Can anyone help on this?


My Usecase:

  1. Rest call to execute some operation
  • As a result of above call, a json string will be logged inside the VM server as a log. I want to grep that log and validate. Is it possible to connect and grep the logs from VMs through groovy or readyAPI?

Any help is appreciated. 

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Not offering any solution.

Just trying to understand the issue. Why would some one depend on the log? Isn't it enough to have right set of assertions?


Hi @arunbharath,


You can send the logs in the response for the request on your server side, then you will get them in the response in ReadyAPI and, after that, you can work with them. The second way - if your logs are placed in the shared folder, you can get access to these files via the Groovy script, please find different examples of how to work with the files here:


Kirill Zakharov
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