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I don't want the Optional elements in XML message to be automatically added by ReadyAPI

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I don't want the Optional elements in XML message to be automatically added by ReadyAPI

Good afternoon,


I am using ReadyAPI 3.1.0


There was a big difference between my XML message yesterday and the message today.

It looks as if ReadyAPI has automatically added all kind of optional elements in the message without me knowing about it. 

This is very disturbing!


Example of message as defined yesterday:

Original XMLOriginal XML

Example of the same message as it looks today:


Why does REadyAPI make these changes? I don't want that.Why does REadyAPI make these changes? I don't want that.


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Hi @MRutten, let's see if the community members faced anything similar and have advice on how to handle this.


Any idea of what could be happening?

@nmrao @HimanshuTayal  @richie @groovyguy 


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I haven't made the upgrade from 2.3.0 to 3.1.0 yet, but the only time I've seen this behavior is if I have ReadyAPI set to automatically build requests with optional fields and use the F5 / Recreate request buttons to rebuild the request.


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I would suggest to check with your team or service provider to find if there is any change in the wsdl definition.
Tool can't imagine the schema and add random data to the request.

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Hi @MRutten 


Just reiterating what Rao and msiadak mentioned.


There is a switch to add in all optional tags from a schema.  If your schema is embedded within your .wsdl (and it sounds like thats the way its been setup) and this switch has been set then I'm almost 100% positive this will be the cause (unless a regression has been added to v3.2!) as the content added is too non random to be anything else.




you could always double check by extracting the .xsd from the .wsdl, launch in something like XMLSpy and use XMLSpy to generate an example xml instance based on the .xsd content (XMLSpy also includes switches to build instance content with and without optional tags/attributes





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