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How to write a reusable script Library

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How to write a reusable script Library

I've found the need to define a common Library of reusable Groovy Scripts for use with SOAPUI community edition, there isn't a tutorial or established examples on how this can be achieved so here is an example of how I did this.

1) Define a new TestSuite in the root of your project called Library.
2) Disable the Library TestSuite so that it doesn't get run in an uncontrolled manner.
3) Define a TestCase under Library, I name this after the module-name.
4) Define a Groovy Script, I give this the name of the Groovy Class that is going to contain my reusable code.


class Example {
def log
def context
def testRunner
// Class constructor with same case as Class name
def Example(logIn,contextIn,testRunnerIn) {
this.log = logIn
this.context = contextIn
this.testRunner = testRunnerIn

5) Add the reusable code as method, pass parameters as necessary.

def execute(message) {
// do some stuff to prove I've run with right context, etc. testRunner context "return "+message
return message

6) We need to instance of the class; add the following to the end of the Script, outside the class definition. This will place the instance in the project's context.

context.setProperty( "example", new Example( log, context, testRunner) ) "Library Context:"+context

7) You can now reuse the instance in any Groovy Script, with the following Groovy code.

// get a reference to the library TestSuite
library = testRunner.testCase.testSuite.project.testSuites["Library"]

// find the module within the library
module = library.testCases["module-name"].testSteps["Example"]

// initialise the library; which places an instance of Example in the context, context)

// get the instance of example from the context.
def example = context.example

// run the method, with parameter "example.execute() = " + example.execute("Tester")

😎 Add more modules, classes or methods as necessary.
9) The instance can be added to the Global context if you want to use it across SOAPUI projects.

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Good article... Really helpful.. Thanks.. Appreciated your help

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