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How to load a large XML data in Excel for Data driven testing

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How to load a large XML data in Excel for Data driven testing

Hello Team,


I would like to know how to convert the bunch of XML data into excel for data driven testing. To explain it breifly, I have a large set of XML Responses and want to use that data in the excel through data source.

For single or multiple request and responses it is easy to solve that with the help of excel in data sources but coming to large set of data its bit difficult. How to resolve this issue??

Let's say the input request for a service is Employee number and for that input we receive so many columns with the data in an xml format.


Employee NumberDepartmentSalaryLocation


SO If I give a rquest as 1 it should display all the rows in the above excel instead of only 1st row. This is just example but I have lot more values and columns whicha re defined.


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There is the XML type of a Datasource in ReadyAPI so, maybe, you can read an XML content to some property, and, then, parse it without using Excel. Also, please note that there is the Directory DataSource in ReadyAPI (you can use it to get the XML files content).


But, ReadyAPI doesn't have built-in options for converting .xml file to .xslx format, you can do this using scripts in ReadyAPI or in another tool, for example like this:

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