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How to iterate through XML response with Groovy

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How to iterate through XML response with Groovy

I'm new to Groovy scripting and right now i'm trying to accomplish a task which requires me to capture multiple data from an xml and convert it to such as a txt file or an excel file. I'm stuck at the step that how would i go about capture dynamic XML structure that might change in number every time i perform data source loop? 


Better example: 

I have a below XML which is from a respond 



<available-document >
<document-code >123456</document-code >
<document-description lang="en">Document one name </document-description>

<document-description lang="ko">Document two name</document-description>


so far I can capture all the values in a group by using below code: 


for( item in holder.getNodeValues( "//document-description" ))
// loop item nodes in response message "Document name : [$item]"
file <<"|$item"


however that since each time the <document-group> number of times it appears in <available-document > changes, it will require me to capture all the <document-group> under <available-document >, the print out could look something like this.


code: 123456

group: 2, 23, 101

doc-desc: Document one name

date: 2013-08-22


code: 654321

group: 6

doc-desc: Document two name

date: 2013-08-30


my final plan is to use all these data and compare to the application UI by storing all these data in a txt file and read them through Test Complete , performing string manipulation to achieve the  goal of comparing the data from XML to Application UI. 


Thank you in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated 



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Re: How to iterate through XML response with Groovy

I suspect, you are iterating it in a wrong node position. Instead of this - 

for( item in holder.getNodeValues( "//document-description" ))

you should move up one level and should iterate as shown below,

for( item in holder.getNodeValues( "//available-document" ))

Again, for the change in number of occurrences of <document-group> , the getNodeValues() method is capable of returning a String array, where you can compute for to get comma separated values.




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Re: How to iterate through XML response with Groovy

Hello Kondasamy, 


Thank you for your response, I get the idea that I can use holder.getNodeValues("//document-group") to retrieve all the document-group in the XML, but how would i go about retrieve just the <document-group> that are within the <available-document> ?  the reason is that I will have multiple <available-document> and the number of time it appears in the response will change, now the idea is to iterate through all the <available-document> in the XML and in each <available document> i would like to iterate through the XML and retrieve the  <document-group> that are in it. I wasnt having any solution on how would I go about nested iteration. 


Thank you






Re: How to iterate through XML response with Groovy

You can check XMLSlurper,



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