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How can i set up tests to inherit authroization


How can i set up tests to inherit authroization



I'm working with SoapUI NG Pro setting up tests for our API which is using Basic authentication. I saw the Auth Manager on the Projects tab where you can set up Basic Auth and thought great, no more fidgeting with that for individual requests.


However, even though I set the test request, test case and suite to inherit from parent and assign the correct credentials to the project, the test request will fail saying authorization has been denied. No matter which parent I use, test suite or test case, it keeps denying access until I assign the profile to the test request itself at which point everything works perfectly.


When I try using ingerit from parent for the request I did notice that there is no authrorization included in the header.


So, why is this? Why isn't the authorization passed down as it seems it should be? 


I am using 1.9 and still facing the same problem. I need to make manuel authorisation for every single request. It can not be inheritet from global setting. 

That's really odd - this is supposed to be fixed. I've sent a note to our QA and ask them to check if they can reproduce the problem.


If the problem persists, please open a support ticket!


Manne, Ready! API developer

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)
SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi, could you share the project reproducing the problem? 

Thank you

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