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How can I export a soapUI project with endpoints included?

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How can I export a soapUI project with endpoints included?

I have exported my REST service to a WADL file but when I import it into another project the endpoint is missing on every request. I tried exporting as a swagger file but that doesnt fix it, I added the host: line to my json file but now all my endpoints are http://${#Project#url} but I don't want the http.


Is there a line I can add to the swagger file so that when I import it all my endpoints are ${#Project#url}?

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Hi @BinaryJava let’s get some help from the Community! 


@nmrao@richie@groovyguy do you guys have any suggestions? 

Sonya Mihaljova
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Hi @BinaryJava 


I did startr looking at this earlier in the week but I was getting an error response when I tried importing the swagger to a different project and then work got in the way.


In regards to importing a .wadl that has hosts set as ${#Project#URL} it kindof makes sense that when you import the endpoints are being blanked.  If the endpoints are set rather than parameterized then when you import the .wadl - the endpoints are set correctly, however if they're parameterized with say project level properties - the endpoint is being blanked on import cos I'm guessing the export of the .wadl doesn't include project level properties.  I dont know whether the functionality should or not (desirable feature?)??????


Anyway - I'll have a look at the swagger option over the weekend when I have more time,






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Hi @BinaryJava,


As far as I understand, you use Swagger 2.0. In this version, there are two values that define the endpoint: host and schemes.


In OpenAPI 3.0.0, there is one value that defines the URL: url (under the servers). So, I can advise that you use the newer version of Swagger.


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