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Event to remove CDATA from response

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Event to remove CDATA from response

So - the service I am testing returns its relevant data in a CDATA wrapper. I created an event to remove the CDATA wrapper so that I can assert against xml fields.


It works fine but when my tests are in a Datasource Loop, the event only runs within the loop if I send a request first.


It's annoying that I've a mass of regression tests to run but I have so send the request once before I can kick off the loop


Any ideas ?


Event is a SubmitListener.afterSubmit abd contains:


if( submit.response == null )
def responseContent = submit.response.responseContent
responseContent = responseContent.replaceAll( "<!\\[CDATA\\[", "")
responseContent = responseContent.replaceAll( "]]>", "" )
responseContent = responseContent.replace( '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>',"" ) responseContent )
submit.response.responseContent =  responseContent



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Hi Mike, 


Can you please describe your issue in more detail? Provide us with a screenshot of your test case configuration when it works and when it doesn't work.

If I understand you correctly, the event only works if you send a request as a first step in the loop. If it is the issue, then I cannot reproduce it, please see my sample video:


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This article suggests adding RequestFilter.afterRequest handler

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