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Change REST API Service for existing steps

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Change REST API Service for existing steps

Hi everyone!


I have a project with two similar REST API services but with some differences in structure.

One of them is deprecated in terms of a project (but still usable) and another one is more actual and preferred to use.

I've decided to remove old service completely.


What I need is a way to change REST API Service for existing testSteps that uses old service across whole project.

Currently I have found only one solution, that is to change service+resource path inside .xml files of each testCase.

But still it's quite risky to do since it might corrupt testCases. 


Is there any suggestions how can I do it from groovy script?


Hi @ihorstep 

Have you tried using environments to apply changes to an entire service? With environments you can define different endpoints or properties that would apply to a specified service. Added a link to our page on environments below.

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Hi @SarahS 


I did found a solution after some research - using groovy script to iterate over all testCases in the project and filter REST steps while changing their 'resource' API in the process.


But still, thanks for the info. 


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