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Cannot Run Functional Test - ERROR: Failed to start the test. No endpoint is specified.

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Cannot Run Functional Test - ERROR: Failed to start the test. No endpoint is specified.

I'm using ReadyAPI 3.40.1 and have a Project with about 35 Test Suites.  I've setup environments and have defined a specific environment.   But when I try to run the entire project's Functional Tests, it immediately cancels and gives me:

ERROR:  Failed to start the test. No endpoint is specified. 

However, I can click on the first Test Suite and successfully run it.


I do have a Test Suite where I am using groovy scripts to change the Environment, run 3 tests, and then changing the environment back to the original.   This Test Suite also gives me the above error.  However, I can run each individual Test Step successfully.  


And all other Test Suites, I can run successfully individually.   What am I missing?   Any help is appreciated. 

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I assume some request does not find its endpoint in the Environment configuration.

Is there anything more detailed in logs?


If you disable some suspicious test suites and check if you the tests are running well. This way you can isolate the test suite causing the error.

Nothing more in the logs except the error.  It is caused by the Test Suite that has the Groovy scripts to change the environment.  If I disable that Test Suite, the project runs fine.  Within that Test Suite, I just have the one Test Case and I can run each step successfully.  But cannot run from the Test Suite or from the project if it's enabled.   I've opened up a support ticket for this. 

OK, if you wish to discuss this issue more in detail, please share the code of the Groovy script causing the error.

This is the first one that switches the environment:


def env = context.testCase.testSuite.project.getEnvironmentByName("Fastlane TEST DetectRX");



And then this is the step that switches it back:


def env = context.testCase.testSuite.project.getEnvironmentByName("DetectRx TEST");

Interesting issue; your code seems to work fine. Though, I think switching environments during the test might be risky.


If you decide to do that, you must ensure the test suites and test cases run sequentially and not in parallel (see the screenshot below). Did you check this setting? This might be why the sequential execution works, but the project level fails.




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