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Big projects loading slowly - How to manage ?

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Big projects loading slowly - How to manage ?

I have seen a few ReadyAPI composite projects which are very big and load very slowly (about 15 minutes or so). I have some questions about this.

1 - How do we figure out the exact cause of the problem?
2 - Are there any limits to project size in terms of MB of size, number of tests etc., after which the project becomes too slow?
3 - If size is the cause of the problem, then do we just need to split the project into smaller projects?


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@rajs2020 : Yes the size of the project is the only problem, you can do below things in order to reduce the project size:


1. While using pdf/excel/text file as Test Data, you can add the link of that file instead of attaching the file(This helps me personally in reducing the project size)

2. You can split your 1 big project into different multiple projects of same functionality

3. You can remove all the custom properties added at the time of running after each run(This helps me personally in reducing the project size)



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Thanks a lot Himanshu for the great answer!


@rajs2020  does this help?

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Another thing I'd like to add is that ReadyAPI takes too long (5-10 minutes) to open up when it has a too big project. If you want to make ReadyAPI at least open up quickly, then you can delete your profile settings and then run ReadyAPI. After that, you can load your project and this will take a lot of time. But, at least ReadyAPI opens up first.

Deleting profile settings -
1. Go to C:\Users\YourUsername.
2. Delete default-soapui-workspace.xml.

I often see too many ready api projects that are too big and can't be broken down. If you break the project down into smaller projects, then you'll have to replicate common things in each project like getting access tokens, deleting test data etc. which is horrible. I wonder if the Smart Bear team has a solution for this @sonya_m.


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Couple more pointers:
1. Only keep open the project you are working on, close the remaining projects all the times.
2. Close the project while closing the tool. That will help to quickly open on next start.
3. Allocate appropriate max heap size for the tool depending on the size of the project.
4. Split logically (as per functionality or suites etc) if the project is too big like divide and conquer.

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Hi all,

@rajs2020 , This is a pretty popular scenario - to organize frequently used test steps and cases into a separate project and then reference these tests from other projects. Please look through the following articles to learn how to reference common test steps and cases from other projects in ReadyAPI:
Run Test Step From Another Project
Run Test Case From Another Project

I hope this helps.


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@JKolosova - Thank you. That was helpful. Btw, can we reference other projects in workspace only with groovy or are there other ways also ?

Prtoject was developed in Ready API 2.8.2. working fine. I upgraded project to Ready 3.7.0. I was not able to close the project.

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