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API vs UI Testing: Join the exciting online event on March 25-29

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API vs UI Testing: Join the exciting online event on March 25-29

Hi Guys,

Starting next Monday, March 25, we are launching an exciting online event to identify specifics of API and UI testing.
Each day, we will publish a topic to discuss, and we are looking forward to your active participation. You are the experts here! Only you can tell us what it is like to test APIs or UIs. Leave comments to score points to your team: API Testing or UI Testing.


The team with the biggest score will win. The most active participants from each team will be rewarded with special prizes from SmartBear.


Bookmark this page:


I'm looking forward to seeing all of you participating in this event on March 25.



Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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API vs UI testing?


UI bores the pants off me, it's API all the way Smiley Wink



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