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error while importing test cases from xlsx

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error while importing test cases from xlsx

I chose same Test name, but the description is different (pic er1). Since discriminator of test cases is Test Name, tests with the same Test Name have not been imported. Question: why?


Another missing import was when Test Names were very similar (pic er2; test in orange did not import).

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There could be several reasons why you are encountering an error while importing test cases from an xlsx file. Here are some possible solutions:

  1. Check if the file exists: Make sure that the vsco apk file path is correct and that the file exists at the specified location.

  2. Check the file format: Ensure that the file is in the correct format (.xlsx) and that it is not corrupt. You can try opening the file with Excel or any other spreadsheet program to check if it opens without errors.

  3. Check the worksheet name: Ensure that the worksheet name specified in your import code matches the name of the worksheet in the xlsx file.

  4. Check for special characters: If your test case file contains any special characters, it may cause issues during the import process. Try removing any special characters from the file and re-importing it.

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Go to Test Management > Test Cases. This is the way to import test cases in the project settings, but if you want to use a global one, go to Jira Admin > Manage Applications and then in the RTM section, click Import.


Regards: pestbye

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When importing test cases, the system checks for existing test cases with the same Test Name and assumes that they are the same test case, even if their descriptions or other details are different. This is done to avoid importing duplicates of the same test case of acacia wood and to ensure consistency in the test case management system.

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