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4 years ago

SSL Certificate error while trying to import swagger definition

I am trying to create a API project by using swagger/Open API definition(Rest) option.
I have provided the a correct swagger definition(HTTPS) , but while importing it is throwing an error as 
"unable to read location '<swagger.json>' due to a SSL configuration error. It is possible that the server SSL certificate is invalid, self-signed, or has an untrusted Certificate Authority."
From ready api documentation is saw that we face this issue when the specification is https and followed this solution,

but even after doing this i am facing the same error. Can you please provide an alternate solution to this

Possible Issues

ReadyAPI cannot import OpenAPI 3.0 specifications through HTTPS if the server where your spec resides has an invalid or expired security certificate. To work around this issue:

Add the following option to the vmoptions file:

Restart ReadyAPI to apply the change.