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Tests within tests


Tests within tests

It seems that a layer of Test dependency would be nice here.

But I'm sure someone has figured this out. yes?


In my test library I have a test. Call it "R2 Ablity to...".

Now this test is to be run first with "R2 ***remove VIB***" tests under it.

That's fine in the sense that in Test Set I can schedule them.

However, when viewing "Test Library", all my tests are seen on the 'same level'.

I need to see what tests are dependent on other tests.

So what I did was to make a link from "R2 ***Remove VIB***" to "R2 Ability..." test.

(These are manual btw).

However, there is no way to sort them showing the dependency of the tests or what is linked to others.

Traceability selection is not very good at showing the links, just that there is a lin to a test. 

In the attached picture are two images. 

The first shows a listing of the tests by title.

The second one shows that "R2 ***Remove VIB ***" is clearly dependent on "R2. Ability to secure....".

I can make up 'new custom fields I suppose.

Any other ideas on this? Seems sort of limiting if you ask me...which you didn't. 😉

Thanks much

Steph Beach Certica Solutions

Occasional Contributor

Two part suggestion:

1. You may be able to accomplish the traceability/dependence piece using a numbering system for your test names.  R2 could be your main test, and then R2.1, R2.2, etc could be tests "below" that test.  

2. Then as far as running the test set, the closest thing I can think of is using the "Is Sequential" checkbox in the Test Set Edit screen.  Then if you put your tests in the order you wish them to run, it will force you to go in that order when you're running the test set.  
Occasional Contributor

The following "Idea" could be a possible solution to your request:


Call shared steps within a test and at execution, include the detail of the shared steps.

If it gets enough Kudos (please add your "vote"), it might be considered for product improvement!

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