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QAC 11.5.788 Further issues following upgrade


QAC 11.5.788 Further issues following upgrade

In using QAC Defects following the recent upgrade a number of further issues have been identified.


1. In Notes - The ‘Add New’ button, after entering some text, click Save but the added note is not saved for an unknown reason, intermittent issue.

2. In creating a new Defect and clicking Save button. It will navigate/refreshes the page immediately and if save button is clicked again as page does not seem to be updated, duplicate defects are created.

3. On saving a new defect the assignee is reverts back to Default Assignee though it was assigned to an intended Assignee.


Can these be addressed as soon as possible.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi James,


Thank you for your post. Please find my comments below:
1. It's a known issue, our R&D are working on it right now.
2. Can you please open a new support case for this issue here: and provide us with a video which shows the issue?
3. Did you mean the Owner field? We have a bug registered for the "Owner" field and we're going to fix it.
If you refer to the "Assinged To" field, please provide the steps to reproduce the issue.

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