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Add New User fails with User is inactive message


Add New User fails with User is inactive message

Add new user fails with User is inactive message


It could possibly be that the system refuses to create as this person (same email address) was setup previously by another company - in 2012 ( as we can create other users without any problems).


Is there a way to resolve this so I can add this user to our instance of QAC?




Hello James,

Thank you for your post. First we need to check and see if the user is not a deleted user/inactive user on your company account.

- Log in to QAComplete > go to Setup > click on Security > click on Users > from the Actions drop down select "Show Deleted Users?"
- Once this is done, the inactive users will appear on the list of users. Find the user in question
- Edit the user by clicking on the little pen icon
- Now click on "Restore this user" and click on "Submit"
-- Once restored (after Submit), you can edit and make further changes if needed. The user is now re-instated

If you are unable to locate the user as an inactive user, please provide me with the email address so I can further investigate, thank you.

Best Regrads,

Hi Christiane


Thanks for the response and I know it probably your process to ask the basics but I had already checked that before logging this query 🙂  This email/person does not exist without our company QAC list of users.


I would prefer - as its not my email address to not post the actual email address here on the community page - is there another way to send you this information that will not be public?



Hello James,

Thank you for your reply. Please email me directly the users email address as well as the company you are trying to add this user to so I can investigate the issue. My email address is:

Best Regards,

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