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Enable Up/ Download speed settings on Tests

Enable Up/ Download speed settings on Tests

Currently, in the Test Editor, you can only select out of a few pre-defined Connection Speed settings. Better simulation of connection speeds would be possible if this could be updated to specifying specific Upload/ Download bandwith settings (in Kb/s, MB/s, etc).



Download speed: 40 MB/s

Upload speed: 10 MB/s



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Currently, you can select connection speed from a drop down selection list.

But sometimes you want to test with connection characteristics which are not matching the dropdown list.


So, I would like LC to be improved so that its possible to configure up/download speed , and latency connection characteristics.


E.g. when selecting the option "Configure" , a popup window is invoked in which the user can configure up/download speed/latency settings for the test.


See attached screenshot.




Agree, current options don't allow simulating asymmetric bandwidth, e.g. ADSL.

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Just read here that it's possible to enter any custom value as Connection speed (enter it in kilobits / per second). So this provides more options to simulate download stream. Although its not possible to specify upload bandwith and latency...

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