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Add another section to the forum for "General" TC posts?

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Add another section to the forum for "General" TC posts?

We have the dedicated desktop/web/mobile secions.


And we have the "getting started" section.


But we don't have a general/advanced/experienced section. (Although I think the old forum did? Can't remember ...)


Anyway, I think it would be useful for more advanced questions relating to general usage. So it separates out the "noob" (for want of a better word) from the rest.


For instance, a couple of the topics near the top of the "getting started" are currently my question about VBScript custom class use in Script Extensions, variable type casting problems using Python and use of command line parameters to handle global vars when launching TestExecute.


For me, these are not "getting started" questions, nor are they specific to any particular type of test/application  .....