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How to link scenarios beetwen each other

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How to link scenarios beetwen each other

Hello everyone. 


Does someone know how we could link scenarios beetwen each other ? I actually use to clone them, but it would be really easier if I could just link them, that way I won't have to much scenarios. Is there something to do with the "permalink" stuff ? 


Thank's for you time. 

Occasional Contributor

Don't really understand why you want to link your scenarios with Cucumber Studio.

Scenario (and test) should be independant (even more in BDD), if you need to bind tests together to search them and change them together you can use Tags. But for maintainability your tests are already traced through steps, edit a step and update all related tests.

If your tests are identical and cloned with just different datas/results you could considere the use of DataTable/Examples to reduce their number.

We want to link scenarios beetwen each other because we're doing the really same test, with the same datas/result, but in an other project. And instead of cloning the scenario, I would prefere to just link them.

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