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-- rerun failed scenarios

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-- rerun failed scenarios

I found a lot of articles about rerun the failed tests but none of them satisfies my needs. The closest solution I found is  here. But I am not quite sure about this solution. Especially because of order and parallel runs.


I would like to rerun failed scenario immediately when it fails. So the first question is if it is possible. It sounds like clean straightforward use case but I cant not find any documentation to it. 


I found also this article which mention --retry flag but the link to documentation returnss error 521. So I would like to know where I could find something about --retry flag.


Thanks for any help I am little lost in it for now. 


Which version of cucumber are you using? Cucumber ruby? Cucumber-js? Cucumber JVM?


If you are using cucumber ruby, indeed the --retry flag may certainly help. You can find some documentation here:


For cucumber-js:



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I use cucumber-jvm. Is there an solution for me?

Here's an issue in the cucumber-jvm repo:


It seems there is a possibility using Surefire.


It also links to a PR which may have more info about that too.


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Thanks a lot.  

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