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3 months ago

Stuck with Cucumber.js - how do I run the same test on different pages?

Hi all,


I'm new to Cucumber.js and automated testing in general. I am using Selenium Webdriver and Cucumber.js to run tests from Node.js, and so far so good.

However, I have a hopefully simple problem I just can't seem to find a solution to:


How do I run the same test without triggering the "Multiple step definitions match" error?


Say, I have 2 .feature files:



Feature: Home Page

    Scenario: Check the home page
        Given I am on the home page
        Then there should be a banner
        // other tests




Feature: About Page

    Scenario: Check the about page
        Given I am on the about page
        Then there should be a banner
        // other test



On their respective .js steps files (homePageSteps.js and aboutPageSteps.js) I have the expression:



Then('there should be a banner', async function() {
    var homeBanner = await banners.checkBannerExists(this, 'banner');



But of course running either feature file gives the error:



 ✖ Then there should be a banner
       Multiple step definitions match:
         there should be a banner - features/pages/steps/homePageSteps.js:32         
         there should be a banner - features/pages/steps/aboutPageSteps.js:20



Does anyone know how I should be going about using the same test in multiple places/pages?


PS: I have extracted the checkBannerExists function to `./support/components/banner.js` as such:


const { By } = require('selenium-webdriver');

async function checkBannerExists(webdriver, bannerClass) {
    var banner = await webdriver.driver.findElement(By.className(bannerClass)).getRect();
    return banner.height;

module.exports = { checkBannerExists };



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