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Strict removed from CucumberOptions

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Strict removed from CucumberOptions

Hello everyone! 

In Cucumber 7.0.0 the strict in @CucumberOptions is deprecated. So when running a test case I get the error: Unable to parse scenario probably due to unimplemented features. Which clearly shows that I cannot run a test case unless strict is a part of the CucumberOptions. Has anyone stumbled upon this issue and knows a solution for it?


Best Regards

Lisa Marie


Could you please copy the feature which trigger that error?


It works now I found a nice workaround. Thanks!

Could you please explain the solution you found?

That may help other users facing the same issue you had

I thought strict was the issue all along but the issue was with the class TypeRegistryConfiguration which no longer implemented TypeConfigurer since its deprecated. So all methods needed to be re-written using the annotation @ParameterType. Stated in this example here:
[Core] Deprecate TypeRegistryConfigurer (#1799) · cucumber/cucumber-jvm@bd4cd22 · GitHub otherwise the run will crash.

Thank you!

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