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reviews taking a very long time to load

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reviews taking a very long time to load

has anyone else seen a problem with reviews taking a very long time to load?  They can sometimes takes hours.  Then if you try to do it again later in the day, it comes up quickly.  Very strange.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CarolMonzillo,


The server can operate differently based on the current user's activity and load. As a very basic step, I recommend making sure that the Collaborator server host machine satisfies the system requirements and there is no network latency between client and server ends:


Also, refer to some tips to improve the server performance:


If the issue still persists, you can refer to the server logs and see if there are particular indicators of performance problems on the server (long query warnings, many document conversions, and so on). These log files can be found here: <Collaborator Server>/tomcat/logs/collab.log


If you need any assistance to analyze the server logs, feel free to raise a support ticket:


Oleg Beriashvili
Technical Support Engineer
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