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Add multiple pull requests to "Remote System Links"

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Add multiple pull requests to "Remote System Links"

Currently a pull request from Bitbucket can only be added to the Remote System Links section automatically when the pull request is created, and there isn't a way to add a link to a pull request manually. Is it possible to make an update that allows linking of more than one pull request in a single review?

In the case of making small related changes across multiple repositories, it would be very beneficial to be able to include more than one pull request in a single review, to allow those changes to be reviewed as a set.

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Agree, such feature would be useful, we are thinking about implementing it.

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In addition to adding multiple pull requests to "Remote System Links", it would also be beneficial if manually uploaded commits from different repositories can be grouped together under repository specific headings in the "Review Materials" section.


Link to a existing related feature request -

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