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On-premises Mobile Device Lab with BitBar - Questions

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On-premises Mobile Device Lab with BitBar - Questions

Hello, regarding the option to have an on-premise solution with Bitbar, to perfom remote tests against Mobile Devices. 


Real Android and iOS Device Cloud for Mobile App Testing - Bitbar

"Private mobile testing deployed as a private cloud or on-premises lab, available 24/7 with unlimited access, usage and users."


The use-case here are for larger Corporations or organizations such as Government Agencies. 

- They often want full control of both the Mobile Devices and the surrounding test-environments, much of this control is handled by strict rules for which devices are allowed to connect to their different networks etc. Setting up against a Mobile Device Cloud-based solution that complies with their security/GDPR demands are often quite difficult. 


Some questions I have are: 

- Is there an existing solution for BitBar where the software needed for an On-premise Lab for Mobile Devices and Tablets (iOS and Android) is provided to the customer, and they then have full control of the operation (with an existing license against BitBar/Smartbear of course)


- Does BitBar have certificate signing-services/applications available that a customer can use themselves, signing their iOS Mobile Applications with their own Apple Developer Certificate for example? 


BitBar comes in three editions:

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