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How to access result files from test

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How to access result files from test


I am using Appium + AltUnity + Python script to run test on mobile devices.


Test generates some kinds of result files (txt, raw, png). These files are pulled out from device by Appium to directory on the same level as test script (image of local run result in attachment). But I didn't find these files on result Bitbar web page.


How can I access and download these files?

Is some API for download these files?


Thanks for response.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Bitbar has support for downloading the test run artifacts through an API.
curl -u <bitbar_api_key>: -X GET<userId>/projects/<projectId>/runs/<runId>/device-sessions/<deviceSessionId>/output-file-set/files

If Appium produces txt and png files Appium cloud-side(server-side) framework, you can copy those files to sandbox/output-files folder in your script to be able to see it in results.

Reach out to support if you have more questions.

Devarsh Gandhi

Thanks for your answer, which was hopeful to get files from test, copying result files to output-files folder.


Iam not able to find runId and deviceSessionId identificators. I found only "testRunId": null in test run configuration.


Can someone tell me, where is possible to find runId and deviceSessionId?

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