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3 months ago

Inability to Double Click Items Using Live Browser Testing with macOS


When using BitBar live browser testing with macOS and Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, double clicking does not work with my application. In the application, double clicking an item should open a pop up, but the browsers only register a single click. Is this normal behavior for live browser testing in macOS?

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    Hi pneuma 

    This is normal behavior for live browser testing in macOS. 
    The issue is likely due to the way macOS handles mouse events, which can affect double-clicking functionality in browser automation tools like BitBar.
    Please try using a different browser that is less affected by the macOS mouse event handling, such as Microsoft Edge or Opera.

    Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!
    Thank you very much and have a great one!

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    When testing the browser live on macOS using BitBar, some actions, such as double-clicking, may not work as expected. This may be due to the way browsers interact with the macOS operating system and how BitBar handles these interactions. Additional configuration or other methods may be required to emulate a double click.

  • The behavior you're encountering where double clicking doesn't work as expected in live browser testing on macOS with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox is not typical. Double-click functionality should behave normally in dg customer first winners a testing environment. First, check browser settings and extensions that might affect mouse events. Test the application locally on macOS to isolate the issue. Ensure all software components, including macOS, browsers, and testing tools like BitBar, are up to date. Review the application's code to confirm there are no specific limitations causing the problem.