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11 years ago

[Resolved] Access file over FTP

Hi folks

sorry I've been looking about and cant seem to find any info I can use for this

I'm testing a service which consumes a request, returns a status back and creates an output file
the output file is on a remote server which can be accessed via ftp with the use of a security key (either .pem or .ppk)

how can I use soapui to interrogate the output location to verify the file creation & contents?

thanks in advance

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  • Hi

    thanks, I've actually had a look at that link before but wasn't sure how to go about translating the piece in there for use with the key file

    I've worked around the remote access by using winscp and invoking a script file to 'sync' the ftp location with a local folder then interrogate the local folder, it was a quick and easy process
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      hi ,

      Please  advise ,


      I need to get file from FTP to readyapi  then i need to validate the file as object.


       Readyapi have FTP step? or some over solution ?