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Why is Performance Profiler indicating no routines analyzed

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Why is Performance Profiler indicating no routines analyzed

This is almost embarrassing. I was an AQTime user 12 years ago and earlier using it with Delphi.

Now, I'm working on a project in C++ (just native) and, with a brand new license, I'm trying to use it to do a basic Performance Profile of my code. While I'm pretty sure I've followed all the instructions to make it work ( , after I do a brief run, where AQTime is clearly doing something since my application runs blatantly slowly, the summary tell me that 0 routines have been analyzed and 0 routines executed. So there's no call graph, call tree, etc.


The main executable shows up as a module, and "All Project Modules" (routines only) is checked in the "Code to Profile"


What have I forgotten to do?


Thanks in advance




> One good idea might be [...]

I would say this is a good idea and I will vote for it if you create a feature request ( and reference this thread to provide Smartbear with more info to consider.


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