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Test Case endpoint update

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Test Case endpoint update

I have a test case with multiple request pointing to multiple endpoints. We have different endpoint depending on what environment you are in (integration, production etc). When I run a test case, I would like that it be run against multiple environments. The option for 'updating all endpoint' is good but not useful if your request are pointing to different endpoints.

Is there anything you can suggest that would make this easier since I will potentially have many test cases.
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Re: Test Case endpoint update


hmm.. endpoints-handling has been high on our list since version 1.0.. until we have overhauled it, you could solve this as follows;

1) Create a properties-step containing a property for each host or endpoint in your environment (lets call it "EndpointProperties" ).
2) Set the endpoint for each request using properties-expansion, for example ${EndpointProperties#AppLayerHost}/MyWebService

Now you need to init different endpoints for different environments; either set the source file property of the "EndpointProperties" step to a different file (or change the contents of the file). Alternatively you could create a Groovy Script that initializes the endpoints based on some criteria..

This is really a workaround, hopefully it will make things a bit easier until we fix this..


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