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3 years ago
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TestComplete sync with CucumberStudio setting to make it one way from CucumberStudio

For over a year we have been suffering from CucumberStudio Folders and Scenarios being moved to the Trash by TestComplete in indeterminate conditions.  Even though we can't nail down the exact reproducible conditions, this issue hits us at least 3 to 4 times a month.

With 12 teams all working in the same CucumberStudio Project and TestComplete projects, this means a ton of defensive work not to lose Scenarios.

I do have a ticket in concerning this issue.


The issue appears to be tied to some automated process where CucumberStudio triggers a sync with TestComplete after some testing is completed.  Unfortunately since the previous Sync happened maybe hours ago, any changes in CucumberStudio are overwritten by the older copy that TestComplete has locally, causing new or modified Folders and Scenarios to be moved to the Trash.


If TestComplete had some way to set the synchronization from CucumberStudio to one-way (only take from CucumberStudio), this issue would no longer happen.

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