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2 years ago

CucumberStudio - TestComplete Bound projects. Controlling execution History of Testruns

We have a TestComplete Project that is bound to Cucumber Studio project.

When we run the tests using Test Complete, we have it configured to write the results back to Cucumber Studio.  Within Test Complete configuration you spellout the Testrun to write too.   (This is all set and no issues).


Say we have a Testrun with 100 test scenarios. 

We kick off execution from TestComplete and all 100 entries get their results - as expected.


Say 1 failed.  We may debug/change code etc.. and then run that one test again.  When this next execution happens and writes to the Testrun it seems to create a new Execution History entry for the Test Run.  So when you look at the TestRun graphic, it indicates 1 passed (the one that was just executed) and 99 yet to run.


What we expected it to do was update the one test and then show 100 passed.   How can we control this, so it doesn't reset/create a new execution history everytime an execution is initiated.  Is there a way to just have one history that just keeps getting updated?


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