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2 years ago
New Idea

NameMapping Standard Templates by SmartBear

TestComplete has an excellent Object Recognition Engine for Desktop, Mobile, Web for multiple technologies. During Recording or creating Namemapping object identification happen on certain pattern which is not suitable for all Eg: WebApplication 1 : SalesForce and WebApplication 2 : MS Dynamics application. 


If we have SmartBear suggested Templates based on Application like SalesForce, Generic Web Application, Angular with PrimeNG/Telerik etc., It would be a great support for the users.

The Templates are supported for Native Object Identification, It can be provided for Xpath/CSS

Feature Suggestion:

During Creation of a Project, Selecting Application Type can add relevant NameMapping Template to the Project will be a great Feature.

In addition to that the length of text in AutoNameMapping can have a limit of 10 to 20 characters will be better too. 

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